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  • 美联医邦CEO Sheena Liu博士(右)与克鲁力博士(左)和卡思先生(后)在纽约办公室签约组建美联医邦董事会
    Medebound’s CEO Dr. Sheena Liu(right), Dr. Connolly(left) and Mr. Castle (behind) signing contract to form the Board of Medebound
    2015年11月17日,美联医邦CEO Sheena Liu博士与克鲁力博士(左)和卡思先生(后)在纽约办公室签约仪式,共同组建美联医邦董事会
  • 美联医邦CEOSheena Liu博士(左2)与兴业银行及美国专家合照
    Medebound’s CEO Dr. Sheena Liu(left 2), CEO of Medebound, with Industrial Bank and US experts
    2015年11月,美联医邦联手兴业私人银行,在第一期"与美国名医面对面" 活动中,邀请博斯特罗姆教授为兴业私人银行精英客户提供了关于骨关节的讲座并同时进行了一对一的专业咨询服务。
  • 美联医邦CEOSheena Liu博士(左4)和秘书长克鲁力博士(左5)参加华立集团旗下中美联合云诊所揭牌仪式
    Medebound’s CEO Dr. Sheena Liu(left 4) and Dr. Connolly(left 5), in unveiling ceremony of Establishing Sino-US United Cloud Clinic with the CEO of a Chinese Fortune 500 enterprise
  • 美联医邦市场总监Joe Lee(右1)与美联医邦承办的"乐享太平"高端医疗健康讲座专家合照
    Marketing Director Joe Lee(right 1) with US orthopedic surgeons in a "Happy Taiping" high-end health lecture co-hosted by Medebound
    2016年4月7、8日,美联医邦联手太平人寿,分别举办了第一季太平人寿"乐享太平"之"名医有约" 活动和"太平美联医邦高端医疗健康讲座
  • 美联医邦市场总监Joe Lee(右1)携美国康奈尔大学孙宇政教授(左4),访问华西医院,并与华西教授合影
    Marketing Director Joe Lee(right 1) accompanied the famed Dr. Sun from Cornell University to visit West China Hospital, the 2nd best hospital in China
    2016年10月,美联医邦邀请美国康奈尔大学医学院神经科正教授、纽约长老会医院神经内科主任医师孙宇政教授,美国纽约长老会医院中国区代表唐冀博士来到成都,参加 "华西神经内科学术交流会"。
  • 美联医邦CEOSheena Liu博士(左2)和秘书长克鲁力博士(左1)访问纪念斯隆凯特琳癌症中心前外科主席Dr. Brennan(右1)
    Medebound’s CEO Dr. Sheena Liu(left 2), and Secretary-General Dr. Connolly(left 1), visiting former chief of surgery Dr. Brennan at MSKCC
    美东时间8月22日,卡思克鲁力总裁/美联医邦秘书长 John Connolly 克鲁力博士,和美联医邦CEO Sheena Liu博士,在纽约参观访问了纪念斯隆凯特琳癌症中心。
  • 美联医邦秘书长受邀参加乌镇"首届国际互联网医疗大会"并受到新华社采访
    The Secretary-General of Medebound Dr. Connolly invited to the "First International Internet Medical Conference” in China and was interviewed by XinHua Press
  • 美联医邦秘书长克鲁力博士(左1) 给纽约长老会医院大外科主任 MICHELASSI教授(右1)授予卡思克鲁力“国家医生”奖项
    Dr. Connolly(left 1), awarded Dr. MICHELASSI(right 1), Chief of Surgery at NYP, the Castle Connolly “National Physician Award”
    2015年卡思克鲁力在纽约第五大道的The Pierre Hotel 酒店,举办年度颁奖晚宴。美联医邦董事和秘书长克鲁力博士,为纽约长老会医院大外科主任 DR. FABRIZIO MICHELASSI颁发卓越贡献奖。
  • CCTV采访美联医邦帮助国内罕见病儿童与美国专家视频会诊现场
    CCTV interviewing Medebound helping a child with rare disease video-connecting with a Top US expert to discuss her treatment options

部分案例分享 Our Success Stories

乳腺癌患者赴美取抗癌最新药物( 附中美肿瘤药物差异)
乳腺癌患者赴美取抗癌最新药物( 附中美肿瘤药物差异)

What We Do

We make it possible for you to access America’s Top Doctors - the top 5% of all American doctors -- without the hassle and expense of long-distance travel.

Top Doctors drive better clinical outcome.  With Medebound's proprietary multilingual tele-consultation platform and program, our patient’s medical records are assembled by the local physician and securely sent to one of the Top Doctor specializing in that diagnosis for their professional assessment and consultative services

Typical reasons for our patients to seek out second medical opinions include:

  • Questioning a diagnosis and/or treatment plan
  • Having received conflicting suggestions from different specialists
  • Particularly worried about the risk of surgeries 
  • Questioning a medical condition, treatment, and test results

You might want the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you and your loved ones are receiving the very best medical recommendations. 


Medebound has formed strategic relationship with Castle Connolly for you to access Top 5% of American doctors


Why We Do It

Trusted research studies have shown that 34% to 60% of initial diagnoses and treatment plans can be significantly improved upon - and 28% of surgeries can be avoided.

We aspire to establish a truly patient centered global tele-health platform to assist your care need. A second opinion from a Top Doctor may:

  • Save your life, or the life of a loved one A Top Doctor may help discover a misdiagnosis, preventing the serious harm that can result from insufficient or inappropriate treatment.
  • Provide valuable alternative perspectives A Top Doctor’s independent assessment may help you or your loved one avoid unnecessary surgery, and identify superior treatment options.
  • Give you peace of mind A Top Doctor’s confirmation of your diagnosis and treatment plan may strengthen you against your doubts and uncertainties, reduce your stress, and help you gain peace of mind, confidence and hope -- enhancing your quality of life, and your power to heal.



Our Approach:

No Travel Abroad

Via our multilingual patent-pending tele-consultation platform

Realize online one-on-one communication with America's Top Doctors


Castle Connolly's Partnering Magazines



Access to Awarded Physicians

Partnering with Castle Connolly Top Doctors, Medebound will be able to help our patients access world-leading medical experts. The following are among those who received the prestigious National Physician of the Year Award


Dr. Richard Edelson,chairman of dermatology at Yale Medical School and Director of the Yale Comprehensive Cancer CenterMore

Dr. Victor Fazio, Chairman of the Department of Colorectal Surgery at The Cleveland Clinic and President of the American Board of Colon and Rectal Surgery. More

Dr. John Morton, Section Chief of Minimally Invasive Surgery and Director of Bariatric Surgery, Director of Surgical Quality at Stanford University Medical Center.More

Our Mission, Vision and Credo

  • Our Mission
  • Establish a truly patient centered tele-health platform and global health communication channels
  • Our Vision
  • Every life deserves the world-class treatment marked by highly competent, compassionate care
  • Our Credo
  • Extraordinary care transcends the borders of countries

About Us

  • Medebound was managed by highly influential board of directors including Dr.Connolly, the former President of New York Medical College(the nation's second largest private medical college), Mr. Castle, a trustee of five different hospitals in the metropolitan New York region, including New York Presbyterian Hospital, and Dr. White, a medial profressor at Harvard Medical School, and Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Emeritus, of Philips Home Healthcare Business (a business unit with $5B valuation) and Dr. Liu, a physician by training, PhD of Medical Informatics at Columbia, and the former director of informatics at a Fortune 500 firm.

Our Strength

  • Resources: We are able to access to the top 5% of American physicians, the 50,000+ most respected physicians in the United States, covering 72 medical disciplines and 1500 hospitals.
  • Customers: We now have covered 200K+ of lives in China by executing contracts with biggest Chinese insurers in China.
  • Technology: A proprietary bi-lingual tele-health IT platform which is HIPAA compliant and fulfills the need of cross-border tele-consultation and remote second opinions.



  • 用户刘***(中国成都)对当前服务评价说:

  • 用户林***(中国上海)对当前服务评价说:
    衷心感谢美联医邦团队所做的工作,感谢Dr. Coumans(美国哈佛医学院的脊柱外科专家—编者按)详尽的报告。首先关于我最担心的脊柱后凸问题,虽然我接触的部分国内医生跟Dr. Coumans有基本一致的结论即后凸发生几率小,但他们解答的态度往往给人感觉过于随意和轻描淡写,也不解释原理,从患者角度很难判断他们是否仅仅是在安慰病人,反而令人不安。而Dr. Coumans的报告从解剖原理讲起,结论令人信服。关于日常生活的注意事项比如勿拎重物、锻炼核心肌群,这些我已经在做;但有了前面结论的支撑我才能更有信心坚持下去。关于万一发生脊柱后凸,感谢Dr. Coumans提供了手术方案的介绍,虽然这部分因为太专业我看不懂,我会保存下来供国内医生需要时参考。希望我永远用不到。特别有用的是随访方法,国内医生只告诉了我要每年拍X光片,具体怎么拍没说,读了报告我才知道要拍前倾和后倾位。总之非常感谢美联医邦团队,感谢翻译的医生,感谢Dr. Coumans!

  • 用户W**** Catharine and Peter Westlake (美国维斯莱克夫妇)对当前服务评价说:
    你们的医疗帮助是医学这个复杂领域提供向导的必需品。 这过去的一年发生在我们夫妇两人身上发生了三次严峻的医疗紧急情况,感谢你们专家小组非常及时和无价的援助 。在这个过程中,你们给予了我们信心。并为我们找到了最好的最适合我们的疾病的专家,你们的重要的指导然我们心神安宁,并让我们在医学迷宫里找到了方向,现在我们身体都很健康。Castle Connolly Medical's services are a necessity in navigating the complex world of medicine today. Good health is ours, following three severe medical emergencies this past year, thanks to the prompt and priceless assistance of this group of experts. They gave us faith in the process and peace of mind in the outcomes with crucial guidance through the maze of services and specialists to the best and most appropriate for our illnesses.

  • 用户廖***(中国北京)对当前服务评价说:

  • 用户 J***(美国新泽西Jennifer女士)对当前服务评价说:
    It's definitely been a lifesaver. I managed to locate a doctor to help save my father in-law's life from cancer and because of your book, he's almost cancer free and for that, I thank you. 这(美国顶尖医生的向导)绝对是一个救星。我设法找到一个好医生,以帮助从癌症中拯救我的岳父生命。因为你们的向导,他现在几乎是根治癌症。对于这一点,我感谢你们。

  • 用户 G*****(美国纽约Greenfield一家)对当前服务评价说:
    The Greenfield FAMILY,NYC 当我看到我的儿子的笑容,或听到他笑声,或看到他爬上攀登架,或看书,或看上幼儿园的第一天,有一个声音在我脑后什么地方说:“谢谢Rosenwaks医生,谢谢Spandorfer医生 - 谢谢带领我们找到他们这些医生的卡思克鲁力团队(美联独家合作-译者按)”。因为你的工作,我们终于实现了在儿子身上的奇迹。当你们遇到一天艰难的工作,或在您的生活中一个令人沮丧的时刻,请记住你们的帮助使我们多么幸福 ,使无数其他人的生活都因为你们卡思克鲁力(美联独家合作-译者按)的工作而变得更好。谢谢你,上帝保佑你,和你们中间的每个人 (When I look at my son smile, or hear him laugh, or see him climb up a jungle gym or read a book or dress up for his first day of preschool, there's a voice somewhere in the back my head saying, "Thank you Dr. Rosenwaks, thank you Dr. Spandorfer - and thank you Castle Connolly for leading us to them." Because of your work, John, a miracle came true for us. Whenever you have a tough day at work, or a frustrating moment in your life, please remember how happy you've helped make us, and probably countless other people whose lives have been touched by Castle Connolly's work. Thank you, and God bless you and everyone in your company)